Interchange – Fall 2009

Cherished memories of Miriam Green were shared on Saturday, May 31 at a well-attended gathering for worship among family and friends for our distinguished and departed Friend. Miriam will be remembered for all of her diligent work and attention in our community.

On June 14 Clearness and Counsel held the third annual worship sharing on Parent Loss. Although a small number attended, the amount of healing and depth of sharing is considered significant enough to make this an annual tradition. We have found that holding the event between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day is best.

On June 20 Charlotte Kennisson, one of our youngest fundraisers, organized a talent show which raised $1180 to benefit our Solar Panel Fund. (See last issue for details for the Solar Panel Project.) This is the second year that Charlotte has held a talent show showcasing the Meeting community’s many talents with proceeds supporting the Homewood’s interests. We look forward to more from this industrious and inspired associate member. She is truly a great future Quaker activist in the making.

The highlight to the end of our summer, conceived and organized by longtime member Megan Shook, was a charity flea market held on the sunny morning of August 29. Signs posted announced free household items for a donation to a local shelter, Heart’s Place. The shelter’s representatives were on hand to collect donations for the items and hand out literature. They raised more than $500. Also on hand were representatives from the Solar Panel Fund who were selling donated baked goods and distributing literature and answering questions. They raised more than $60. The event produced many different outcomes. It gave Homewood members and attenders the opportunity to reorganize their homes. It gave the neighboring residents and students a chance to see Friends in service. All around it was reported to be a very positive experience for everyone involved and plans are already in place to repeat it next year.

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