Interchange – Winter 2009

Homewood Friends have decided to install solar panels on the Meeting House roof. While our building is quite large, both the orientation and size of the roof make it an excellent site for solar. With the conservation program that we already have in place and the installation of solar panels, we estimate that 90% or more of our needs for electricity will be met and have the prospect of selling energy to the grid at times during the year.

We are in the process of researching the specific technologies available, contractors, and financing arrangements. If other Meetings have experience with this type of project or are interested in learning more about what Homewood is doing, please contact Rachael Neill via or the Meeting office phone, (410) 235-4438.

Homewood spent last winter and spring preparing for a Young Friends Conference by examining and revising our building use policies and guidelines and preparing a handbook for use by Young Friends and FAPs. We were very pleased to host a large, energetic, and happy group of Young Friends over the Thanksgiving weekend and to share Meeting for Worship with them just prior to their departure home. Approximately eighty Young Friends and FAPs attended!

We have revitalized the Adult Education program this year and now meet three First Days per month prior to Meeting for Worship. A strong core of Friends has met monthly for Experiment with Light sessions, based upon the work of British Friend Rex Ambler. Participants have found these sessions to be spiritually revitalizing and to give them more insight into the thought and practice of early Friends. We have also been exploring the Psychology of Salvation, authored by our own George Amoss. Other sessions have used the revised Faith and Practice and Pendle Hill pamphlets for meditation, worship, and discussion

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